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The beginnings of an unmanned aircraft production in our company date back to 2006. The first commercial solution was Pteryx UAV, a platform whose main purpose was photogrammetry. At the moment, our offer includes unmanned systems Easymap UAV and MasterFly UAV, and from 2018 we are also selling the unmanned aerial vehicles of vertical start, EZ-X VTOL and EZ-L VTOL. All these solutions can be used in photogrammetry, precision agriculture, stockpile inventory and volume calculation and many more.

Our systems are marked by their high quality, the best materials and reliable software. They are being sold in many versions, customized to the needs of our clients. They work well in both temperate and tropical climates.


In addition to selling our own aircrafts, we also provide dedicated services to our clients, which include designing, making molds, making and testing prototypes and implementing them for production at the orderer’s site.


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About us

Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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