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Hovercraft are vehicles moving on an air cushion. Behind this enigmatic concept stands a quite simple vehicle that floats above the ground thanks to the increase of an air pressure under the vehicle's hull. Due to their unique features, hovercraft can move on any relatively flat surface such as water, sand, ice, short grass, concrete, etc. It makes them very interesting river tourism vehicles, where many boats are unable to go on because of the low water level and any other obstacles.

Hovercraft SzerszeńHovercraft OSA Sport II

We have been manufacturing hovercraft since 2004 and we have developed several types of them. At the moment, we are offering our latest lightweight recreational hovercraft: Manta II.

Manta II is made of polyester-glass laminate and its base is filled with polyurethane foam. As a result, it’s light and provides a reserve buoyancy for flying over water. Low weight and small size allow you to use low power engines that consume little fuel and are easy to use. The bag-type apron eases the use of the hovercraft and reduces the costs of its utilization.

Hovercraft Manta IIHovercraft Manta II


Manta II technical data

Dimensions: 3,3m x 1,7m
Empty weight: 130-150kg
Crew weight water/ground 120kg/150kg
Cushion engine: 6,5 KM
Propelling engine: 13-16KM
Speed on ice: ~60km/h
Speed on water: 40-50km/h


About us

Trigger Composites, manufacturer of EasyMap UAV and MasterFly, was founded in 2006, and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland.

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